Head Out on the Łynostrada Cycle Tour

Łyna is the longest river in Varmia and Masuria and an increasingly popular kayaking route (approx. 200 km long). Cycling routes are currently being created that are collectively known as the Łynostrada. The sections running through Olsztyn and then on to Lidzbark Warmiński (approx. 65 km in total) have already been launched. This allows tourists […]


Gothic curiosities in Cittaslow

Gothic is historically the dominant architectural style in Varmia and Masuria. It is the architecture of various secular and residential buildings such as castles and churches. In the region there are around 45 castles, 31 Teutonic castles and 14 castles which were the seats of bishops’ chapters. 15 out of 22 regional Cittaslow towns have […]


Warmia and Masuria in a natural way

Our everyday habits are changing more and more because of increasing ecological awareness. More often, while choosing a holiday destination, we look for places which care about their surroundings and the environment is now a priority. So with that in mind, we recommend facilities where close contact with nature play a key role. Each of […]


Regional varieties – part VI

The Museum of Archeology and History in Elbląg The Museum of Archeology and History is a good starting point for visiting Elblag. Recently it has been highly praised by local and national media sources for its innovative approach to sightseeing. Apart from traditional exhibitions there are state-of-the-art appliances that will impress lovers of modern innovations. […]


Museums in Warmia and Masuria

Some people like the more traditional style of museum while others prefer the more modern multimedia ways of learning about history, culture and nature. Whichever option is for you, you won’t be disappointed as there is plenty of both kinds of museums to be found throughout the region! There are over sixty museums in the […]


Uwaga ! Love W_M używamy ciasteczek ! Kontynuując przeglądanie tej strony, zgadzasz się na to z premedytacją ! [Więcej]

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