Regional varieties – part VI

The Museum of Archeology and History in Elbląg

The Museum of Archeology and History is a good starting point for visiting Elblag. Recently it has been highly praised by local and national media sources for its innovative approach to sightseeing. Apart from traditional exhibitions there are state-of-the-art appliances that will impress lovers of modern innovations.

‘Żuławy -a tamed land’ is a permanent exhibition. It shows the history of the region between three branches of the river Vistula in a new interpretation. Another attraction is where visitors are taken to an old village in Żuławy and can see the interior of the traditional arcaded houses that are typical for the region. The exhibition entitled ‘Relicts of the glory of Elbląg and its surroundings’ presents Elblag crafts and other monuments which are part of the history of the city and region. Moreover, the interactive installation ‘History uncovered from below the ground’ will encourage you to learn the specifics of archeological research and discover its findings.

In the museum you can take a 15 minute ride in a virtual car which was produced in Franz Komnick’s Elbląg factory at the beginning of 20th century. Thanks to V R technology (virtual reality) and computer reconstruction you can admire lively Elblag from the beginning of 20th century and feel like a real passenger in a limo with a driver as you are driven through the streets. From another period in time, close to the museum there is an escape room where you can feel the atmosphere of communist times in Poland.

More information on www.muzeum.elblag.pl

Tickets: from 10 PLN per person

The Elblag Canal – one of a kind!

Over 150 year ago a German engineer Georg Jacob Steenke gave land owners living inland the opportunity to transport wood to the Baltic Sea and then further on to other parts of the world. He designed 5 slipways which carried ships over a hundred metres on inclined slopes. Nowadays, the system of slipways is used recreationally by pleasure crafts and a cruise along this waterway lets you appreciate local nature and the hydro-technical solutions which have survived since those times. It is the only place in the world where the ships sail up and down hills over grass, you have to see it to believe it!. The total length of the canal with its off-shoots, the Iława Canal, the Dobrzycki Canal which connect Lake Jeziorak with Lake Ewinga, the Elblag river and the Jagiellońsky Canal connecting the river Elblag with the river Nogat is in total over 151 kilometres long.

More information about cruises -www.zegluga.com.pl

Tickets: from 45 PLN  per person

Heritage Park in Kadzidłowo

In addition to the wild animal Park in Kadzidłowo it is an interesting option to look for traces of ancient history in the Heritage Park ‘Worobiec’ which takes you on a walk around 7 wooden cottages relocated to Kadzidłowo from a village in the southern part of Masuria and the Masurian-Kurpiowski borderlands. An arcaded house built from massive wooden logs from Warnowo is the most valuable building there . It is unique as there are only two over 200 years old arcaded houses with traditional porches that have survived till today. A restaurant called ‘Oberża Pod Psem’ serving regional cuisine is situated in the other 100 year old building. Slow food culture is promoted here. There is a notice on the door  with ‘We do not have time for people who do not have time’, that is the motto of the place.

More information on: www.oberzapodpsem.com.pl/muzeum.html

Tickets: 10 PLN per person

By Justyna Szostek

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