Spending time the way you like in Varmia and Masuria

Varmia and Masuria attract a growing number of tourists who love uninterrupted rest, close contact with nature, health, simple food and the possibility to spend time without a detailed trip itinerary. These lands are ideal for those who know what they want and expect conditions that let them relax according to their preferences. The local tourist industry is aware of what their guests look for and create new places aimed at their visitors needs on the tourist map of Varmia and Masuria so go and check which of them suits you.

Warlity Palace – peace and quiet is luxury

Nowadays, to relax is a luxury and if you are tired of too much information and stimuli and want to get away from it all Warlity Palace is the place for you. The route to the palace leading among the fields where wildlife is all around .You are welcomed by an impressive building renovated with particular care by the owners who rebuilt a unique place out of complete ruins which has taken 12 years of constant work.

Apart from beautiful and tastefully furnished rooms which do not overwhelm with design, Warlity Palace offers a cosy family atmosphere, sophisticated cuisine based on ecological and local ingredients and breathtaking beauty of surrounding nature. There are 12 rooms and the area of 3 ha with access to a lakeshore along which swings encourage one to relax, a charming park with old trees and stylish plants as well as a summer restaurant and private pier overlooking picturesque Lake Platyńskie.

The main idea was to create a place that would combine modernity with the old world . It is reflected in the rooms’ decorations, quality and composition of dishes served, attitude to guests who are treated with care and respect but without palace pompousness. It all makes you feel the atmosphere of chic and idyllic provinciality in Warlity Palace. You find uninterrupted peace and quiet thanks to which you fall asleep listening to the sounds of night nature and welcome the new day accompanied by the singing of birds.


The Quintessence of Masuria- in Kamminland

Masuria is one of the most beautiful regions in Poland. You can relax in the abundance of nature, wander through forests or sail on the crystal clear lake waters. There are also lively areas full of  fun-loving tourists. What if you want to combine relaxation in peace and quiet with occasional visits in the most popular resorts? If so ,Kamminland is the place for you . This  unique place was created for people who want to be close to nature and relax without any discomfort of crowds of guests and overwhelming room decor. Moreover, Kamminland is situated in Stare Sady which is located just a few kilometres from famous Mikołajki so if you feel like going to party -you can do  that too! Kamminland is an ideal starting point for visiting numerous attractions nearby.

Kamminland is located in an estate area of 60 ha. You can see horses grazing in the fields among surrounding buildings maintained in the traditional style. Spacious rooms in country property style offer terraces and balconies where you can admire sunrises and sunsets and observe various wild birds and animals that approach the very windows. If you cannot imagine holidays without sunbathing, swimming and fishing-it is Kamminland where paradise is waiting for you. Within walking distance ,there is a private beach with a platform, access to a charming lake, deckchairs and places to relax in the shade. It is essential to reserve one morning, plan to get up before sunrise and go to the lake for amazing views and encounters with wild birds and animals guaranteed! After the trip, a delicious home-made breakfast awaits you. We highly recommend the freshly baked apple cakes.


Plajny- A Garden Of Good Thoughts

Plajny A Garden Of Good Thoughts is a cosy settlement located in a little village in Varmia. The name comes from the Good Thoughts Plates which have been made for years by the owners and their family. They can be found in various nooks of the house and rooms. The main idea is to offer guests simple unpretentious relaxation . What counts here is contact with man and nature. There are no TV sets in the rooms and the internet is only available in a common space. Every morning you are welcomed by birds singing that make you want to  wander through deep, green forests, colorful meadows and enormous fields with storks and cranes walking proudly. If you dream of a place where you can read a book in peace and quiet, spend time with your family, or just spend time with alone -Plajny is ideal for you.

The heart of the settlement is a 200 year- old arcade house with a thatched roof, blue window shutters, old wooden doors, a brick floor, tiled stove, soft sofas, a full bookcase of books and board games. Nearby there is a Barn with guest rooms and common space with seats made from pallets, a swing and a children’s play-area corner. On the Barn’s ground floor there is a kitchen and a living room- it is a place where flavors from the garden fill the pantry. In the Barn you can find a workshop where different activities such as: yoga, pilates, flamenco dance, playing the drums, photography, music, wild kitchen and workshops for women take place.


Live fully in Hotel Ventus

Hotel Ventus Natural SPA **** is situated in the spa town of Gołdap which is famous for the cleanest air in Poland (more about Gołdap here). It is an ideal place for active relaxation. Those who like to avoid crowds and want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city will feel great here. While going for a walk along the Spa Promenade where the hotel is located you come to the Graduation Tower, Pump Room with its healing waters, a salt cave and kinesiotherapeutic park and everything is located on the shores of picturesque Lake Gołdap.

Gourmets of regional products will not be disappointed ! At the hotel’s  restaurant Endorfina owners tempt guests in a royal way. Fruitful corporation with local farms provide the best of local cheeses, fish and home-made bread. The Restaurant Endorfina specializes in Polish cuisine and slow food dishes. Due to the fact that the hotel has a family friendly status there is a wide range of conveniences and attractions for the younger guests too such as: a garden with a ‘monkey grove’, special animation for children and a playroom. When the children play, the parents can relax in the SPA pampered with a wide range of treatments including instrumental treatments. Non-invasive treatments from dermo aesthetics are performed by qualified and professional staff In the beauty salon. There are 6 cabinets available for guests including one equipped with a bath with hydro massage, Concerto spa bed and a cabinet for two. Those who like the heat can warm up in a pool with attractions, saunas and a hot tub where you can relax outdoors.


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