Gołdap for peace and quiet and a healthy lifestyle

In Gołdap you can breathe the cleanest air in Poland, have a weekend break or even a full summer holiday. Adults will find time to rest and children to have fun at different attractions. A scenic location amid lakes and forests guarantees rest far away from the hustle and bustle of city life and everyday concerns. Surrounding forests are an ideal place for walks and bike trips and the nearby lake is a good place for summer activities or ice fishing in winter.

Health Resort on the Polish-Russian – Lithuanian borders

Gołdap is the only health resort in Varmia and Masuria and at the same time, it is a dynamically developing tourism and recreational centre that is a member of the exclusive International Association of Cittaslow. Lake Gołdap is cut in half by the Polish\Russian border and it’s only 40 kilometres away to the Lithuanian frontier. The town is famous for the cleanest air in Poland, peat, mineral and healing water. Treatments in Gołdap bring relief to rheumatism, cures orthopedic injuries, heart and respiratory problems and hypertension. They are salutary for the nervous, respiratory and digestive systems and female problems. The Masurian Brine Graduation Tower is the fourth biggest in Poland  and a modern mineral and medical water pump room with a salt cave can make you come alive in the health resort district. In the vicinity of the health resort there is a network of walking paths and bike routes including the famous Green Velo.

Meet European bison and gather honey

European bison that can be admired and photographed like an abundance of other wild animals that are residents of nearby Borecka Forest. In Zatyki which is situated several kilometres from Gołdap there are a few hundred hectares of farmstead called ‘Bloodless Safari’ where lovers of nature photography will not be disappointed. In nearby Rapa you can see a tomb in the shape of a pyramid renovated in 2018. In Stańczyki you can climb the highest monumental arcaded bridge in Poland. History buffs should go on a trip to mysterious Romnicka and Kumiecie Forests to explore bunkers from World War II. Gourmets will have an opportunity to try the unique honey from local apiaries hidden in the dense forests away from civilisation. If you are lucky ,you can find rare honeydew honey which is far less sweet than nectar honey and has a spicy fragrance. Those who like eating  to your heart’s content must try kartaczs a regional dish from the Polish-Lithuanian border area.

Attractions on Beautiful Mountain slopes

Apart from health and landscape values, Gołdap has ideal conditions for recreation and relaxation throughout the year. During winter in the nearby Health Park there are illuminated cross-country ski slopes and on Beautiful Mountain there are ski lifts ,chairlift and ski-tows which operate on 2 km of artificial snow in the evening the downhill run and sledding track are illuminated and on top of the hill there is a rotating cafe. It is also worth mentioning that paths in Kumiecie Forest and tracks in the health District are prepared for cross-country skiing in winter, conditions permitting.

Relax in the most beautiful corner of Masuria where accommodation can be found on www.uzdrowiskogoldap.pl

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