Warmia and Masuria-triathlon capital of Poland!

The land of a thousand lakes is an ideal place for doing various sports, triathlon is one activity that attracts more and more attention.

Recently fashionable triathlon is a multi-stage competition involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines, swimming, cycling and running. If you want to do triathlon, it is good to get a piece of advice from a professional coach like Krzysztof Litwiniuk, a licensed triathlon coach from Olsztyn, he says: ‘the initial set objectives should be to focus on the weakest part of your body. For instance, reducing body weight  or learning to swim freestyle might be your objective. Triathlon is said to be one of the most challenging sport disciplines. Before starting to train it is good to have a medical check done and in particular a heart examinations because it is under big pressure during competitions.

Why is Warmia and Masuria a perfect place for triathlon? Forests paths are ideal for running, lakes are good for swimming training and a number of little-used roads perfect for cycling. Therefore, many professional triathlon competitions take place in Warmia and Masuria. Susz known as triathlon capital of Poland is a place where the most popular competitions are held. The 28th edition of the Polish Triathlon Championship takes place in June 2019. Apart from the competition in Susz, other competitions are held in Olsztyn, Elbląg, Lidzbark Welski, Mrągowo and Gołdap.

According to Litwiniuk the basic equipment for the triathlon beginner does not have to be expensive. A racing bike is the most expensive but beginners start on bikes for recreational cycling. In addition, you will need special running shoes and clothes, swimming goggles, a swimming cap and swimming suit. The price of a bike can be cheap or expensive, professional bikes can cost even over ten thousand euros.

Warmia and Masuria provides good training conditions also in winter. This season of the year contributes to building resistance and strength and fat reduction. This can be achieved by training cross-country skiing, ice-skating and running on snow-covered paths.

Thanks to triathlon you gain not only excellent physical well being and an athletic body but also you prevent various diseases like diabetics and obesity, it reduces stress levels and improves self-esteem. What’s more, the closeness to nature in Warmia-Masuria helps focus on training and achieve a desired objective.

By Artur Kamiński

[If you have any  questions regarding triathlon, get in touch with Krzysztof Litwiniuk – krislit@wp.pl]

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