Culinary Ryn

Thanks to delicious cuisine which is worth tasting in Ryński Mil Tavern or the Refectory restaurant in Ryn castle, it can be said life here has a much slower pace.

Ryński Mill Tavern
overlooking the enchanting Lake Ryńskie was completely restored to surprise its guests with extraordinary décor and traditional recipes. At the entrance you are welcomed by beautiful Innkeepers offering regional lard and pickles from barrels kept in the pantry. Freshly baked bread in a variety of flavors will be an excellent addition to delicious fish and mouth-watering pork knuckles or ribs. Gourmets of roast dishes will have a chance to participate in the barbecue show on the terrace with breathtaking views in the background.
The earthen tableware filled with delicious drinks add even more charm to the refined taste and meals served in Ryński Mill Tavern. Dumplings, potato cakes or potato sausage may be accompanied by wheat beer. Connoisseurs of honey and wines are offered a wide range of honey and wine for hours of tasting.
Ryński Mill Tavern will enchant those who value delicious food and the local atmosphere.
In the building there is a shop ‘Tastes of Masuria’ (Smaki Mazur) offering a wide range of regional products. Chef Agnieszka Weslołowska, a master of the art of cooking, many times recognized by winning culinary competitions, takes care of Rynski recipes.


The key feature distinguishing The Hotel Castle Ryn**** from other places is the unusually stylish décor of all the rooms available to guests. Apart from rooms and apartments, the gothic restaurant called the Refectory Restaurant is unique.
The interior of the restaurant is dominated by timeless classics in a modern arrangement. The chef, Ireneusz Koniuszek, gained his professional experience in the most prestigious hotels in north-west England. His experience allows him to successfully compose and create dishes of culinary delights from traditional Polish, international and fusion cuisine trends. One of the traditional dishes recommended is delicious confit of ducks legs, a secret combination of spices and a special process of meat preparation brings out the unique taste.
Every season of the year is ideal for different culinary inspirations. In spring asparagus, crabs and baked lamb are prepared, summer is dominated by vegetarian cuisine, autumn is famous for dishes from wild mushrooms of different kinds and game meat products like stag, wild boar or pheasant. Winter is known for Polish cuisine-dumplings, potato dumplings, fruit dumplings and an aromatic potato cake. Throughout the whole year in the Castle, the confectioner can produce wonders such as: cake, birthday cake and desserts from mouth-watering chocolate, fresh fruit and high quality ingredients.


Any time of the year is good to savour the local delights in Ryn !!

By Justyna Szostek

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