Regional variety – part IV

A Letterbox from Warmia

A letterbox from Varmia is an original, copyright, hand-made product, in the shape of a brief case. It is a result of hard work and craftsmanship of an experienced smith, designer and welder. A letterbox in such a form is a sentimental product that brings memories from childhood back and connects generations. It is also a house decoration and can be used as a unique gift for a house- warming party, weddings or birthdays. In the offer there are a few models of letterboxes in various colours which match every kind of fence, gate, basket or front door. In 2017 this product from Varmia was awarded ‘Product of Warmia and Masuria’ [‘Produkt Warmia i Mazury’] and since then it has had the status of regional product.

Price start from 330 PLN. Letterboxes can be bought online: www.skrzyneczka.olsztyn.pl

Cosmetics Made from Snail Slime

Eko Snail Garden offers a series of care cosmetics of unusual and groundbreaking formulas based on ecological snail slime from a farm near Pasłęk. Slime is a top quality ingredient that is 100% natural, without any preservatives and at the same time it is very effective against various skin problems. Snail slime contains precious ingredients such as: allantoin, glycolic acid, collagen, elastin and vitamins: A, C and E. It is a complex of natural proteins which are absorbed fast and easily by human skin restoring its normal functioning. The cream is enriched with hyaluronan which gives additional moisturizing and delays signs of skin ageing. Eko Snail Garden has been awarded with a marshal certificate ‘Product of Warmia and Masuria’. [Produkt Warmia i Mazury].

Prices start from 50 PLN. Creams can be bought online: www.snailsgarden.com

Masurian tiles

Masurian tiles produced by Varmia Tilery get inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of the region, and the richly adorned tiled stoves from the late 18th and 19th centuries. The tiles are of different sizes and can be hanged or laid permanently as an attractive decoration. They are decorated with genre scenes painted on original tiles from that period. These inspirational Tiles won the first prize in the annual competition’ The best souvenir of Varmia and Masuria region’ 2017.

Prices start from 19 PLN


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