Regional variety – part II

Embroidered jewellery
If you are looking for a unique souvenir from Varmia and Masuria or some beautiful jewellery to wear every day, you must see Embroidery Jewellery. Here you can get pendants, medallions, brooches, earrings, rings with hand embroidered patterns with flowery and plant motifs. There is also the possibility to order tailor-made artwork with beautiful Masurian landscapes or an embroidered photo with something special. Marta Krajewska is the author of such wonders, She also is an instructor of artistic handicrafts and a professional in professions such as: weaving, lacemaking and embroidery so it’s a must to see her and her amazing works of art!
FB Biżuteria z haftem

Masur Honey
Masur Honey Apiary in the picturesque Gołdap region has existed for three generations. Tradition and timeless experience combined with a modern touch of apiculture is used in the every day work. A wide range of apiculture products are made here and the honey and pollen have a certificate of authenticity of the Culinary Heritage of Varmia Masuria and Powiśle. There are two flagship products such as: Tatar honey which is obtained in the area of the Tatar Mountain reserve protected by the European Union and Mixed Flower Mazury Garbate Honey from NATURA 2000 area in the the Romnicka Forest and other protected areas that are on the List of Traditional Products of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Mazury Art Gallery
A gallery of regional souvenirs Mazury Art in Szczytno which is situated close to the ‘Niebieski Zaułek’ restaurant. It is a place for those who value original and unique objects with soul. You can admire and buy ceramic, sculptures and jewellery made by local artists and craftsmen. You will find unique gifts and original regional souvenirs. Seeing that the gallery is located near the restaurant you can join contact with art with a delicious meal.

Vinegar from Olsztynek
OCTIM vinegar has a characteristic taste thanks to a traditional method of production in larch vats on the basis of a popular recipe from Varmia and Masuria. The highest quality products like, apples, mead and white spirits are used in its production. Among the wide range of local products, ecological apple vinegar is worth paying attention to as it is made only from preservative free Polish apples, derived from the natural process of apple wine fermentation. This vinegar was awarded in the competition – The Gold Medal of Worldfood Poland exhibition 2019. There are also other vinegars such as balsamic vinegar, spirit vinegar, wine vinegar from white and red wines, malt vinegar and ecological cider vinegar. In addition, OCTIM produce mustard, ketchup, horse radish and various vegetable products. On the internet site you can find not only all products to buy but also interesting recipes.

By Kamila Górecka – Kirwiel

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