Campervanning through Varmia and Masuria

Campervans and campsites are making a great comeback! They offer independence, the freedom of choosing where you travel and stay, privacy, and steering clear of crowds. Who doesn’t have fond memories of their first camping trips, staying right on the water’s edge, huddling around a campfire, and waking up surrounded by nature? And if you haven’t tried spending your vacation in this way, there’s no better a time than now! A campervan will give you the chance to travel with all your home comforts – from one place to the next – and stay wherever you like… wherever pleases your eye and warms your heart. Thanks to this form of tourism, you can camp in remote, rugged and wild spots where there are no other alternatives, like in forests or by the water’s edge. The available camping infrastructure is currently super camper friendly and growing all the time which is why you can rest assured that when opting to stay at one of the many campsites and campervan sites set amidst picturesque scenery you will also find numerous amenities that will make your stay exceptionally comfortable.

Should you decide to leave your campervan on one of the well-appointed camping sites you are in store for a real treat with access to numerous outdoor activities to enjoy in the area. You can explore the wealth of historic attractions, including Gothic castles, which straddle Varmia and Masuria and the many scenic natural reserves and landscape parks, the largest of which is the Masurian Landscape Park, admiring the local flora and fauna as you go.

For avid cyclists there are kilometres of natural beauty to enjoy on the extensive network of cycle paths, including: the Green Velo Cycling Trail, the Elbląg Canal, and the emerging Masurian Cycling Circuit. The countless lakes and rivers, especially the Great Masurian Lakes, or River Krutynia and Łyna routes beckon water sports enthusiasts. Here, you can kayak, sail or enjoy other wind- engine- and muscle-powered water activities. Many are taken by the delicious regional cuisine and restaurants or the agro-tourism where you can pick up organic products and produce.

Varmia and Masuria are criss-crossed by fascinating themed routes. Among the best known road routes are: the Copernicus Route, the Route of the Gothic Castles, and the Route of Masurian Fortifications. The globally unique Elbląg Canal is a true feat of engineering and, along with the many other attractions starting from cultural and music events and festivals up to historical reenactment and staging events, the most famous of which is the Battle of Tannenberg, are truly exceptional. The expressways and the network of national and provincial roads ensure that you can easily get to all of these fantastic places by car. Travelling by camper, you will also be able to visit and reach many fascinating places off the beaten track where few people venture.

So, feel free to wander off-grid across Varmia and Masuria which hold countless attractions and cultural and historical cultural heritage sites offering all-year-round activities that make unforgettable memories. You can find out more about the places worth visiting below.

Pirat Campsite by Lake Ukiel

This campsite is in Olsztyn, the capital of Varmia, situated directly by Lake Ukiel. Guests marvel at the spectacular views where the long lake shore gives a panoramic vista of the lake from every pitch on the campsite. There is a pier with watersports hire facilities offering kayak, paddleboat and even license-free motorboat hire. The surrounding forests and walking trails and cycling routes will allow you to immerse yourself in the serenity of the area and engage in fun outdoor activities and experience the natural environment. You are sure to find the perfect parking spot for your campervan or a pitching spot for your tent in the large and diverse camping area to make the most of the fabulous views. The facility includes a hotel with a pool and a restaurant with a menu influenced by traditional Polish cuisine that was transformed by the Polish celebrity chef and restaurateur Magda Gessler. The campsite has been awarded a 2 star rating and is recommended by the Polish Federation of Camping and Caravanning. This hideaway promises a peaceful and relaxing stay for all.

Lake Ukiel, also commonly called Lake Krzywe, famous for its picturesque peninsulas and coves is the recreational heart and pride of Olsztyn. The urban beach is nestled along its shores with numerous sports facilities dotted around it. The “Ukiel” Sports and Recreational Centre offers three bathing beaches and watersports hire facilities, resting platforms, playgrounds, volleyball pitches, a skatepark that transforms into a snowpark in winter, piers, and viewing platforms. You can enjoy leisurely strolls along the promenade or us the extensive network of footpaths and cycling lanes to get around. The Kayaking Centre forms the second part of the complex where equipment for watersports can be hired, and offers a year-round beach volleyball court and a gym and spa. The third part of the complex is the Water and Ice Sailing Centre.

Olsztyn itself offers a wealth of attractions, including: the Aquasfera Sport and Recreation Centre, the Olsztyn Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory, the Old Town, the Varmian Chapter’s Castle, and the picturesque Central Park. Staying in Olsztyn, you will also have the chance to go on excursions to neighbouring towns and cities which are steeped in historical sites, nature, leisure and recreational attractions, and cultural events.


The Szarejki Hills in Masuria Garbate

Szarejki is a quaint village getaway nestled in the Olecko region in an area called Masuria Garbate. The 67-acre estate set in the Szarejki Hills offers space to pitch a tent or park your caravan or campervan. The facility has all the necessary visitor infrastructure: electric and water access points for campervans and caravans and a tent pitch area, toilets and washing facilities with hot water, dishwashing and cooking facilities, a washing machine, as well as dining facilities (tables and benches). The site is securely fenced off and set in a quiet and peaceful area. It is part of the network of sites from the Polish Federation of Camping and Caravanning.

Campers can also enjoy a delicious coffee and snacks in the Veranda coffee shop and wind down in its air-conditioned interiors with free Wi-Fi. If the weather turns, there are also play cabins for children to spend time in – playing board games, drawing or watching TV. At the Mazurskie SPA guests can enjoy genuine Russian Banya dry saunas, cold tubs and a sauna. it is also possible to hire quads, bikes, kayaks and scooters and also go on an organised kayak tour. Two large playgrounds are available for the youngest guests (with swings, a slide, sandpit and trampoline), as well as a football pitch and a volleyball court. They can also do some airgun shooting and play darts when supervised by parents or guardians. Swimming enthusiasts can also take a dip in lakes in the vicinity. They can be reached on foot, by bike, quad, scooter, car or the neighbour’s horse-drawn cart. If you prefer sunbathing, one of the few in Poland 67-acre beaches beckons in Szarejki… this spot is beautiful, sun-kissed, grassy and meticulously kept. There are also designated fire pits for campfires and bonfires. And should all this still not be enough, there is a host of other attractions like the Safari Park, a high rope adventure park and a rotating café at the Rudziewicz Inn Piękna Góra in Gołdap, quaint bridges in Stańczyki, a pyramid in Rapa, and feeding of the European Bison in the Borecka Forest. What more could one possibly want?


KamA Camping Site on the Great Masurian Lakes Trail

KamA Campsite is located on the Great Masurian Lakes Trail, on the shores of Lake Tałty, 4 km from Mikołajki, which is a charming town known as the Polish Venice. This campsite is not just a haven for motorhome enthusiasts… it also offers excellent conditions for sailors, anglers, cyclists and hikers alike.

The campsite is divided into two areas – a caravan and campervan parking area on the side of the lake and a tent pitch area above it. The campsite has perimeter fencing and CCTV. It can accommodate 60 motorhomes/caravans. On site, there is a marina, a bar offering delicious home-style cooking and regional cuisine (including freshly caught Masurian fish), and comprehensive facilities, including showers and a laundry room with a washing machine.

The clean air and presence of meadows and forests makes KamA Campsite the perfect excursion base for walkers, hikers and trekkers, cyclists, water lovers and simply ideal for anglers. The youngest guests can enjoy a play area, a water slide, foosball table, a beach volleyball pitch and lots of space to play. Watersports equipment and bicycle hire is also available. The campsite has a 4 star rating and has been awarded the “Mister Camping” award multiple times.

Its location makes it the perfect getaway spot, ideal for exploring the local towns: Mikołajki, Ryn, Giżycko, and Mrągowo. It is also worth visiting The Wolf’s Lair, the Święta Lipka Sanctuary, Galindia, Wojnowo or the Wild Animal Park in Kadzidłowo, including the Research Station for Organic Farming and Conservation Breeding of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Popielno, as well as the Institute of Parasitology Research Station of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kosewo Górne.


Cezar Campsite by Lake Czos

Cezar Campsite is located in one of the most popular tourist destinations of Mrągowo, by Lake Czos. Guests can stay in camping cabins or on the campervan and tent camping ground. The facility is set in a beautiful and picturesque part of the town. It has a great ambience and a relaxed feel close to nature. The facility has the Kowboj bar serving fresh, home-cooked food. Its great advantage is the large number of attractions both on site and in the area.

The campsite is wooded. There is a whole host of attractive spots for campervans and tents here, with electric hook up and extensive and modern facilities. Guests can also relax around a campfire with numerous campfire pits complete with outdoor dining tables and benches.

Around 20 metres from the facility, children can enjoy the largest play area in the area, a great swimming spot and sandy beach with numerous piers, also for anglers. For the more active and energetic, there is the additional bonus of sports pitches and water sports equipment hire facilities (including paddle boats, sailboats, yachts, and water scooters). The amphitheatre which hosts all the key events (Masurian Cabaret Night, the Country Picnic, and the Borderlands Culture Festival) is only 200 metres away. Mrągowo is also an excellent base for excursions to famous resorts and attractions in the vicinity of which there are plenty.


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