Cycling Across the Napiwodzko-Ramucka Forest

Just beyond the southern border of Olsztyn is the largest forest in Varmia and Masuria – the Napiwodzko-Ramucka Forest. Spanning 1,170 km2, if offers unspoilt beauty and a wealth of attractions although it still remains largely undiscovered by tourists. Exploring these attractions from the saddle of a bike is great fun. Where to go? What […]


Get a Taste of Fishing Adventures

Experienced anglers and fishermen and women need no convincing about the attractiveness and fish-abundant waters in Varmia, Masuria and Powiśle. For those who have never tried their hand at fishing, the region is the perfect place to start one’s adventure with this form of outdoor leisure pursuit. Due to the richness and variety in its […]


Discover Amazing Regional Fish Dishes

Regardless of the fact that you can enjoy catching fish in Varmia and Masuria, you can also enjoy eating them here, too! The region is famous for dishes prepared from local fish species complemented by ingredients foraged from local fields, meadows and forests. Many fish specialties are offered by restaurants that are a part of […]


Delicious Favourites from Olsztynek

Have you ever tasted the Jagodzianki from Olsztynek? If not, they’re certainly worth trying! This exceptional yeast bun has been associated with the town of Olsztynek for years, mainly with the “Jagodzianka” patisserie, which has been making these mouthwateringly good blueberry yeast buns since the 1980s. Their immense popularity stems from their simplicity, traditional yeast […]


Olsztynek – Masuria Close at Hand

The convenient location at the intersection of two routes (S7 expressway and Trunk Road 51) running from Gdansk or Warsaw, through Olsztynek, to the region’s capital Olsztyn, makes the Masurian Lake District closer than you think. And you don’t always have to venture into the heart of the region to commune with nature. The location […]


Regional Variety

Lubawa Castle Revamped Erected at the beginning of the 14th century, the castle in Lubawa was the seat of the bishops of Chełmno (Kulm) for over 400 years (since 1773). Nicolaus Copernicus frequented here. When staying in Lubawa in the summer of 1539, encouraged by Bishop Tiedemann Gieseg and mathematician Georg Joachim Rheticus, he decided […]

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